Character Creation

Please make sure you read this before you start making your character. If you are using a pre-made character, some things may have to be changed to accommodate the rules of this campaign's character creation.

Currently  Chosen Classes:

Starting Stats:
There won't be any point buy system or rolling of the dice to assign your stats. Each character must abide by the following:

  • Your starting stats, before bonus are: 16, 16, 14, 14, 12, 10.
  • Your stats, after bonus, cannot exceed 17.
  • You can assign them however you want.

Starting Alignment:
There is no alignment restrictions. Be an evil, neutral, or good character.

Starting Equipment:
Each player will automatically get 150 gold pieces to purchase the equipment they desire. This is on top of the equipment pre-assigned by your class and background. Any other gold that is assigned by your class as per the PHB is discarded. On top of this, a player can choose one of the following:

  • A Donkey or Mule
  • A Pony
  • A Pet Dog (or other domesticated animal pending DM approval) (tiny in size, no combat allowed)
  • A Rowboat

 The Donkey, Mule, Pony, and Rowboat will follow the same rules as stated in the PHB. The pet wil be classified as Tiny (1-2 feet long or high) and weigh no more than 8 pounds).

A player may choose one of the Backgrounds listed in the PHB or the player can create their own background (pending DM approval). The background must be lore-specific. For example, you cannot make a background where you are the Warrior of Light or an Otaku or Movie Critic. These are things that don't exist in this world; however, a few examples of some custom backgrounds can be stuff like a Carney, Map-Maker, Prostitute, Cook, Farmer, etc. These are all examples of backgrounds that can exist within the D&D universe.

A couple of rules when it comes to making a background:

  • You need a background specific roleplaying skill. For example, a Guild Artisan can leverage the merchant's guild to gain favor in a specific city. Your custom background needs something along these lines.
  • 2 languages learned, or 2 tool proficiencies, or 1 of both. 
  • Any 2 skill proficiencies
  • Basic starting equipment, not totaling more than 40 GP

On top of this, you must choose a Specialty for your background. For example, a Farmer might specialize in growing crops or raising animals. Each background needs a defined Personality Trait, Ideal, and Bond as well. 

This is put in place to encourage people to be creative with their characters. They will be your avatars in this world – you should like who you have to play.

DM Rules:
There are a couple of DM Rules that will be utilized throughout the campaign. The following is a list of the ones I will be using:

  • Critical Fumble (rolling a 1) creates a negative effect on your character. From dropping your equipped weapon to hitting yourself with a sword. All 1s on attack rolls will be rolled again to determine the effect. 
  • Playing your character out of your alignment will impose disadvantage. Playing out of alignment for too long will change your character's alignment. For example, a Lawful Good Monk decided to terrorize a village. The Lawful Good Monk receives disadvantage for doing so. As he continues to terrorize a village, he turns into a Chaotic Evil Monk. Continuing to terrorize the village will no longer impose disadvantage. Any class or racial bonuses dependent on alignment will be lost.
  • Meta-gaming (or using out of game knowledge to your advantage) will be dealt with in-game.

Source Material
With so many beginners to the D&D universe, only the PHB will be used by the players. Any sources for character creation outside the PHB is disallowed. This is to ensure the simplest game with the least amount of confusion. One ruleset to rule them all, one ruleset to bind them. The DM will use the Dungeon Master's Guide and the Monster Manual. 

Other Questions or Concerns
If you have questions about the character creation process, need something clarified, or want to introduce your own spin on something, message me on discord. 

Character Creation

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