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The wiki will contain most if not all of the reference material of the game. You can find them divided into their own headings below.

Character Creation

Character Creation rules will be specified under here. This goes for anything custom that is not currently in the PHB or any restrictions to creating your character, as well as a current list of who's who. 

The World

The World is going to be shaped and developed by you guys, the players. There is currently no pre-made world except a generic map. Think of it as a sandbox RPG, like Fallout or Skyrim. You can find all the information relating to The World on in its respective wiki page. Important information about the basics can be found on The World wiki page.

The Story

As of right now, there is no story. The DM won't force the players to go a certain way or follow a campaign. With as with every sandbox game, the campaign will present a basic story to follow if the players choose to do so.

As we play more games, the wiki will be updated with the adventuring deeds or mishaps of the group.

Important Characters

I hate using the characters page for this. The Important Characters you encounter will also not be pre-determined but generated on the fly with a few minor exceptions. The World is ever-evolving around the players. This will also contain all the Player Characters made.

Main Page

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